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Question:  Does the Chi Vibe™ Need Batteries?
Answer:  Yes, the Chi Vibe™ needs a 1xAA battery (not supplied). Once you feel like the vibration is getting weaker, replace the battery, especially if you are using it daily. A new battery will ensure your wand is working efficiently, with the highest frequency and power.

Question: Can you place the Chi Vibe™ in the fridge or freezer?
Answer: For an extra relaxing routine, you can put your Chi Vibe™ in the fridge for 5-10 mins. This step will make the stone feel rejuvenating on the swollen parts of your face. It is perfect for mornings to de-puff under the eyes and cheeks. Please take the battery out when you prepare to put it in the fridge.

Question: How long should I use the Chi Vibe™ every time?
Answer: The Chi Vibe™ can be used every morning and night. We suggest using at least 5 mins to thoroughly massage your face and neck.

Question: Where can this be used?
Answer: The Chi Vibe™ can be used on the forehead, brow area, eyelids, under eyes, cheeks, chin, nose sides, mouth. Not only for the face, it can also be used on the jawline, neck/throat, chest, arms, waist, legs, and buttocks.

Question: What issues does the Chi Vibe™ help with?
Answer: It helps target forehead creases, crow’s feet, dark circles, facial water retention, laugh lines, untoned chin, and saggy neck. In addition, the Chi Vibe™ helps relieve migraines, TMJ tension, sinus issues, facial pain, and much more.