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Q1: Does the remote control need batteries?
A1: The remote needs 2 AA batteries(Not Included), please buy it yourself.

Q2: How to charge it?
A2: The Daredevil comes with a USB charging cable, you can use a USB cord to charge the battery, which can work with any phone adapter, such as an iPhone charger.

Q3: How long is the charging time?
A3: About 60 minutes.

Q4: The charger light is on during charging, Is this normal?
A4: Yes, it is normal. the light is on means the battery is charging. No light means the battery is fully charged.

Q5: How long does the battery last?
A5: The battery will last about 15-20 minutes when it is fully charged.

Q6: Is this a waterproof RC car?
A6: While it can handle wet conditions, it isn't waterproof, and shouldn't be operated in the water. If the Daredevil™ is wet, you need to dry it

Q7: Will multiple Daredevil cars playing at the same time will interfere with each other?
A7: As the remote control is adopted 2.4GHz radio technology, long-distance control, and strong anti-interference. Even if multiple Daredevil cars play at the same time, which won't interfere with each other.