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Question: Is this suitable for all waist sizes?
Answer: The Hulaslim™️ comes with 24 sections adjustable for waists 20-42 inches. This means as you start losing weight you can simply remove a section and continue to use it!

Question: How many calories does it burn in 30 minutes?
Answer: Weighted hula hooping in general burns about 200 calories in a 30-minute session for a basic workout. You can adjust the intensity to burn more.

Question: What makes this a “Smart” hoop?
Answer: Compared with the traditional hula circle hoop, the Hulaslim™️ is easier to use and will never fall, so even beginners can use it.

Question: How much does the ball weigh?
Answer: The weighted ball can be filled to about 2 lbs.

Question: Can the string length the ball hangs from be adjusted?
Answer: Yes! In fact, the ability to adjust the difficulty of using the Hulaslim™️ makes this accessible to all. When the length of the string is shortened, the hips need to rotate faster in order to keep the pendulum moving. 
Conversely, it is easier the longer it is.

Question: How much room do I need around me so I'm not knocking stuff over?
Answer: The longest length of the rope and ball are 18 inches from the hoop when attached. But with hip movement, it is suggested to add a few more inches. You should be good with roughly 2 ft on both sides.